AQUAGOLD is a disposable, single use microchannel microinjector sold only to medical professionals. Twenty 24k Gold microchannels that are thinner than a human hair makes this treatment virtually painless while delivering maximum results, every time.

The key is in the technology: AQUAGOLD features its patented Microchannel Technology that delivers onto the skin, rather than strictly puncturing or wounding the skin with solid needles as typical microneedling devices do. AQUAGOLD units are made from medical grade material and are sterilized, sealed in bubble packaging, and placed in a white unit carton along with the user manual and product specifications.

How is AQUAGOLD different from microneedle device?

The intended use of AQUAGOLD is to inject low doses of drug into the skin. This is very different from “microneedling”, where the intended use is to wound or stimulate the skin, affecting function or structure of the body. AQUAGOLD device is not a microneedling device.