Hydrating vs. Moisturizing

Hydrating the skin is just like hydrating the body to look and feel its best. Scientifically, moisturizer is an umbrella term for moisturizer types: emollients (fats and oils), squalene (oil), […]

Slowing the Hair Aging

How does the aging of the hair manifest itself? Once we reach the age of 50 or so, our hair undergoes a number of changes. Pigment cells become less effective […]

Sunscreen: Does SPF matter?

While wearing sunscreen is better than not wearing any, it is best to choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection of at least SPF 30. These recommendations apply to people […]

Skin Barrier and How to Protect It

Skin Barrier Your skin is made up of layers, each of which performs important functions in protecting your body. The outermost layer, called the stratum corneum, is often described as […]


What is it? Retinol is a type of retinoid, which is made from vitamin A. It helps neutralize free radicals and boosts the production of elastin and collagen. This creates […]