What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a safe and effective minimally invasive modular RF fractional solution for entire body subdermal adipose remodeling. This topical treatment penetrates deep into the skin and fat for a smoother appearance.

Morpheus8 is a medical beauty project for subcutaneous fat remodeling. It penetrates deep into the dermis and helps stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the skin. Compared with Botox, it is a more natural anti-aging technology. Generally, the depth below 4mm on the face can help remove
wrinkles and acne and treat acne pits. If it is above 4mm, it can dissolve fat. The depth of the needle on the body can grow to 8mm to help eliminate fat, and it is not like freezing. After fat-dissolving and weight loss, it is easy to cause skin sagging. Gold micro-needling not only dissolves fat but also makes the skin firmer. In addition, when used in the eye area, it can help to remove crow’s feet and eye puffiness.

What areas can Morpheus8 treat?

Morpheus8 can be used on the whole face and multiple body parts, such as the neck, chest, stomach, palms, arms, thighs, etc. Commonly treated areas include double chin and neck sagging, as well as anywhere on the face where wrinkles, spots, and pimples appear.

Key Benefits:

  • Morpheus8 delivers the most profound fractional treatments available, penetrating subdermal tissue up to 8mm (7mm + 1mm thermal profile).
  • Dual Handpieces allow for increased treatment functionality: Morpheus8 for smaller treatment areas and Morpheus8 Body for more extensive and deeper tissue treatments.
  • Four fractional tips with different microneedle configurations (Prime 12 pin, resurfacing 24 pins, Morpheus8 24 pin, and Body 40 pin) deliver clinically proven RF energy to multiple treatment depths (0.5mm – 7mm).
  • Equipped with Burst mode RF technology, Morpheus8 Body automatically deploys bipolar RF energy to multi-level treatment depths in a single cycle. The ability to target tissue sequentially at three levels, in millisecond intervals, allows for a significant reduction in treatment times, minimizes skin injury, increases treatment uniformity, and enables customized entire body fractional procedures.
  • Safe on skin types up to and including VI with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is common with other resurfacing methods.
  • How many times and how long does it take to get results?
  • Clients will see initial improvement in the skin after 10 to 20 days. For example, the skin will be firmer, and the pores will look smaller. It depends on the condition of the skin and the desired effect. Generally, it is recommended to do it at least three times and then Wait 90 days to give the skin enough time to produce collagen and restructure adipose tissue before deciding if more treatments are needed.

Will the treatment process be painful?

For most people, the pain is within an acceptable range, but we will use special anesthetics tailored for Morpheus treatments to minimize the discomfort caused by the treatment process. There is no pain and no downtime. You can go to work the next day after the treatment. The body part may take longer to recover than the face because the depth of the micro-needling is more profound than the face.

How often do you do it?

It is recommended to remove wrinkles and acne pits on the face once every six weeks; if it is fat-dissolving, the treatment should be once every 2-3 weeks. This FDA-approved treatment is excellent for the lower face (jaw) and body parts. Although only for external use, Morpheus8 provides the deepest fractional laser, capable of remodeling collagen in the deeper layers of the skin.

Targeted skin concerns include:

  • Acne
  • Shrink pores
  • Lighten and remove freckles
  • Firms the skin